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Accountability and timeliness mean that when we give you a schedule,
we stick to it.

At Canem, we’re not just interested in delivering on time;
we’re obsessed with it.

The bottom line is: we get in and get the job done.

Project Spotlight

River Landing Saskatoon

Anticipated Completion Date: July 2019
Cost savings? Absolutely! This is the first residential tower for Canem Saskatchewan using the PreFab Model, and our team has already presented cost savings to assist the client in achieving budget projections. Yet, another successful project underway.

Rogers Place

Completion Date: 2016
Putting relationships first?  Yes!  There’s no other way to achieve excellence with a project this big.  Canem’s team was responsible for electrical, security, and communications systems for this state-of-the-art arena, home to the Edmonton Oilers, popular concerts, and community facilities.  Canem couldn’t have done it without the relationships we’ve forged!


Completion Date: 2012
Innovation?  Of course!  Look no further than the pedagogy features. SAIT wanted students to be able to use this building to see construction installation techniques that they may not see during their practical training in the field and Canem delivered.

Edmonton New Remand Centre

Completion Date:  Summer 2014
On time?  You bet!  Canem provided a tailored solution to the client by designing assist layouts for the building ahead of construction documents so the schedule wouldn’t be jeopardized.

Bethany Care Riverview

New four story facility that will provide housing and care for seniors with disabilities. New location for Bethany Care corporative offices. here are 210 residence suites complete with nurse call systems.
There are numerous atriums and greenspaces within the building. There is a large commercial kitchen and laundry in the building. There is a commercial Bistro and Spiritual Centre within the building
There is a secured underground parking lot. There are state of the art security and audio visual systems throughout the building

Telus Gardens in Vancouver

Completion Date: 2014
On budget?  Naturally!  Telus Gardens is a fully integrated building celebrated as Vancouver’s ‘greenest office tower.’ Sustainable, clean work. It’s what Canem excels at.

St. Michaels University

Anticipated Completion Date: October 2018
Is it innovative?  Heck yes!  It all gets a bit technical, but we needed to relocate a high-voltage component (zap!) prior to construction while keeping the electricity humming.  Canem employees achieved the client’s goals by working longer shifts and helping the General Contractor when needed to ensure power wasn’t disrupted.  Productive and effective, and the results will soon speak for themselves!

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