Scalable Solutions for Multiple Locations

The National Service Group was formed to leverage Canem’s geographical coverage and provide a consistent, one-stop approach for our clients from coast to coast. Since the inception of the team in 2010, the focus has always been on staying flexible and scalable to ensure alignment with each client. The team works alongside our clients through their programs regardless of the size or the scope.

Canem rollouts (single or multi-site deployments) are used to effectively manage best practices from simple installations to larger projects for national chains. A rollout project provides rapid delivery in mulitple locations with a similar scope. With multiple installations going on in different regions at any one time, the rollout team serves to ensure that solutions are communicated seamlessly and delivered with maximum efficiency. In turn, clients attain the best possible consistency in their product delivery.

We are the one contact to call on for help whether it is a single site / single scope emergency repair, or a multi-site / complex scope national rollout. The team and our customized supporting software (RPM) have been constructed to help find and execute the right solutions with the utmost efficiency and professionalism.

A Custom Program for the Client

While the National Service Group has a streamlined workflow and a team that works on very tight timelines, our interactions with our clients remain flexible and fully customizable. Whether it’s a customized workflow for a specific project or a custom format on the invoice, we work to fit into our customer’s ecosystem seamlessly. Our team has worked with clients to do everything from adding multiple languages to our call center (beyond English and French) for a yearlong national initiative involving thousands of sites, to constructing custom proactive multi-trade maintenance programs for entire portfolios.

We understand each client has different priorities, timelines, and urgencies as situations unfold and we are there to navigate and serve through all of them. We enjoy being part of the solution and providing a repeatable, dependable path to a successful outcome.

Maintenance Programs

Ongoing reactive, preventative, and predictive maintenance
maintenance programs-01


Single or multi-site deployments and installations

The National Service team was constructed to allow our clients an opportunity to take advantage of Canem’s geographical coverage. Our specialized team, supported by a customized web-based software solution thrives on being the go-to support for our clients coast to coast. We are a collaborative group of solution-focused individuals that are an extension of our client’s team. No job is too small, and no problem is too complicated. Whether it’s a single receptacle repair, a multi-site proactive maintenance program, or a 1000-site national rollout – we are here and ready to help.”


National Service Group

The National Service Group has a toll-free 24-hour service line
1 (855) 762-2636 with a local team of service technicians available as needed to respond to any service request 24 / 7 / 365.