To Us, It’s Personal

Safety is an essential component of our DNA and it affects everything we do. Our holistic health and safety culture is rooted in our commitment to work in a spirit of collaboration with all employees, trade contractors, clients, and suppliers to foster the healthy and safe work environment that every worker deserves and that ensures everyone goes home safe every day.

We uphold our high standards through an engaged workforce and vigilant processes that create a culture of complete accountability and personal responsibility. Effective hazard identification, assessment, and control are critical components for safe production. From project plans and regulatory requirements, to waste management, consumption, spills and emissions control, to best-in-class training, we are committed to performing our work in the safest manner possible as we generate the quality outcomes our clients expect.


“Putting safety first is about creating an environment where individuals feel empowered to voice concerns, where protocols are agile and responsive, and where everyone shares the responsibility of safeguarding each other. By making safety a non-negotiable value, we not only protect ourselves and others but also lay the groundwork for a more resilient, supportive, and thriving culture.”

Catherine Connauton
Director Health, Safety and Environment


Medicine Hat Regional Hospital

Construction on Medicine Hat Regional Hospital took place approximately 293 km from the nearest Canem office located in Calgary. Canem utilized their prefabrication facilities in Calgary and delivered materials to the site on a regular basis.