Health, Safety
and Environmental

Canem Systems Ltd. is committed to providing quality workmanship and
service while ensuring the use of safe work practices. Canem’s Safety Program
protects its staff, its property, the public and the environment from
damages and injuries.

About the Safety Program

Employees and subcontractors at every level, including management, are responsible and accountable for the company’s overall safety initiatives. Complete and active participation by everyone, every day, in every job is necessary for the safety excellence the company expects.

Management supports safety among all workers on the jobsite through designated Safety Officers or Coordinators. They are responsible for coordinating safety from the branch level based on corporate oversight from the Corporate Safety Officer. Safety Officers issue company-wide Safety Alerts to provide guidance to all staff on how best to avoid similar incidents from happening in the future.

Safety Award Program

Canem proudly supports a Safety Awareness Recognition Program for all jobsite personnel to recognize individual employees and their commitment to working safely.

Safety Training

Canem spends a significant amount of company time to ensure that all employees have the training required to perform their job tasks in the safest possible manner and environment. All employees and subcontractors are provided with the proper equipment and training. They are responsible for following all procedures, working safely, and improving safety measures.
Employees are also provided with opportunities to maintain their standings if they have certifications.

Back to Work Program

An injury and accident-free workplace is a primary goal of Canem’s Safety Program. In the event that there is a w ork injury, the graduated Canem Back to Work Program provides support for individuals who are unable to resume full duties due to a lost time injury, near miss or medical aid.

Industry Associations

Canem actively participates in several industry initiatives and associations to ensure
that our HSE programs exceed the demands of industry and owner expectations.

We have achieved and maintain Certificates of Recognition (COR) through:

Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA)
British Columbia Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA)
Construction Safety Association of Manitoba (CSAM)

Our HSE program is pre-qualified by the following organizations:

• ISNetworld  • ComplyWorks  • ContractorCheck

To learn more about Canem’s Safety Program, contact:

Catherine Connauton
Director, Health, Safety & Environment
Phone number: 780-454-0381

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