The People Behind Our Work

At Canem, we are building an inclusive and collaborative community driven by a strong sense of belonging, well-being, and social responsibility.

Our people are what matter most. Without them, our business would not exist. Our teams are comprised of construction leaders who deliver on our commitments with integrity and professionalism for all clients across diverse market sectors in every region in Canada.

While physical safety at work is extremely important, so too is psychological safety and creating an environment where raising a concern is applauded. Respectful communication grounded in ideal team player principles allow Canem employees to thrive while bringing their whole selves to work everyday.


Rogers Place

Canem designed 60 custom graphical ticket readers for executive suites with dual technology and built-in HID card readers that were integrated into the access control system to grant suite access to the staff, and then the built-in barcode and QR code ticket scanner was integrated into Ticketmaster's ticketing system to validate patron access into the suites.