Rogers Place


Rogers Place is a state-of-the-art multi-use indoor arena (NHL Hockey) and the related facilities to support the arena (community rink & winter garden area). Canem’s scope of work included electrical, security, and communications-related systems. Canem led a design-assist process to ensure that design development drawings were completed in a manner that would reduce RFIs, changes, and potential execution issues. Furthermore, Canem completed BIM reviews to ensure the design model was progressing and coordinated between mechanical and electrical disciplines. This process was documented on a detailed spreadsheet outlining questions, responses and dates due. This sheet was used to drive the process and ensure the end deliverables were completed. In addition to the design review, Canem started comprehensive system reviews for details to outline deliverables for the owner, designer and contractor to ensure proper alignment of all parties at the onset of the project.

The facility included multiple ice rinks which were required to balance organized league requirements as well as community use. Canem was able to deliver this project on a very demanding schedule and maintain project budget through extensive design-assist program, while maintaining use requirements of both public owner (City of Edmonton) and end-users (Edmonton Oilers Group). Extensive BIM/VDC was used to layout work with architectural and mechanical trades to maintain required clearances in unique ceiling spaces of arenas, as well as the minimize re-work and lost schedule time.

Canem designed 60 custom graphical ticket readers for executive suites with dual technology and built-in HID card readers that were integrated into the access control system to grant suite access to the staff, and then the built-in barcode and QR code ticket scanner was integrated into Ticketmaster’s ticketing system to validate patron access into the suites.

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Oilers Entertainment Group

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Design Assist



Edmonton, Alberta