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We have been at the cutting edge of pre-fabrication and project management for nearly 60 years. At Canem, we’ve been at it a long time, because we’re the contractors who build it right the first time. Our innovative solutions don’t just solve problems; they pre-empt them entirely.

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Accountability and timeliness mean that when we give you a schedule, we stick to it. At Canem, we’re not just interested in delivering on time; we’re obsessed with it. We get in and get the job done right.

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Going above and beyond for you, that’s our motto. At Canem, relationships drive everything we do. Think of us as partners on the job; we’re thinking ahead so you don’t have to.

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We’re your local option with a national presence. At Canem, we are linking communities across Canada for our customers, employees, and stakeholders. Connect with your local office today.

Wayne Farey, GM

Campbell Construction

“They bend over backwards, if there’s a problem on site they react immediately”

Andy Voramwald Partner

Cougar Contracting

“Canem get it done. They go above and beyond the call and are the best at meeting the schedule”

Tom Moore


“They are innovators and leading the industry in terms of pre-fabrication. They always come to the table with solutions and solve problems quickly. They are very proactive”

Wayne Farey, GM

Campbell Construction

“They understand about getting in and getting the job done. They stay on top of it and deliver on time”

Charlie Klaver Project Manager

Katz Group

“We hire Canem because of the relationships we've been able to develop over time with Canem”

Alan Kuysters VP & District Manager

“We appreciate Canem’s desire to build the relationship. It’s all the things you expect to have from a 10+ year relationship.”

A Message From Our President


Canem serves the Canadian Construction and Services industry as one of the top trade contractors in the country and our customers remain our top priority. I am filled with pride over how our team consistently delivers quality customer service. The foundation of Canem’s business has and always will be, our relationships – with our customers and our industry partners. 


To further our commitment to deliver quality service, we’ve expanded into Ontario with a fully functioning Pre-fab Shop and Regional Office in Cambridge. This expansion allows us to offer our services of design, pre-planning and prefabrication processes and technologies, to a wider clientele, increasing our presence across Canada.

Canem’s solid Contractors that Care philosophy allows us to share our passion for our work and our people who deliver it, with a broader market. We are thrilled at the opportunities this extension of our footprint provides to our team and our customers. Also it’s worth noting that while our parent company has recently been acquired, this does not impact our operations – it is in fact, business as usual for all Canem stakeholders.

Canem was originally known as CANadian Electrical and Mechanical, formed over 60 years ago, and the goal then is no different than our goal now – take care of our customers and provide high-quality service. We were the first electrical contractor in Canada to use estimating software and this echoes our commitment to offer innovative and efficient solutions for our clients. We will continue building our business with the principal of “high-quality service delivery to our customers” at the forefront. 

It goes without saying that I am amazed at the resiliency and work ethic of each one of our Canem employees. Our recent global challenges have allowed us to collaborate in ways that we never have before, and I am eager to take this innovation and quick-thinking into the future.

Thank you to everyone for staying committed and continuing to build our legacy, together.

John Krill
President and COO

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