Major Pursuits

Alternative Delivery And Design Assist

Canem adds value to projects not only as the electrical and/or mechanical contractor, but also as a trade partner during pursuit and design. We have extensive experience with alternative delivery models, including Design Build (DB), Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), and Public-Private Partnership (P3), specifically medium to large scale, and pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate effectively within the project team.

Benefits of partnering with Canem for your alternative delivery project:

  • We focus on ‘best for project’ solutions that balance cost, risk, and quality.
  • We take the time to read and assess all project documentation and owners’ requirements to identify risks and efficiencies during pursuit and early in design.
  • We are active participants during the design stage through continuous collaboration with the mechanical and/or electrical consultants, general contractor, and other sub-trades.
  • We provide alternate solutions – we never say ‘consider a different solution’ without proposing at least one alternate.
  • We develop strategies for procurement that assure the best value systems and equipment are selected; be it through vendor partnerships or open tenders.

For traditional delivery projects, we offer design-assist so that clients can benefit from our electrical and mechanical construction expertise prior to tender.

Benefits of choosing Canem as a design-assist partner:

  • We reduce risk by providing budgetary pricing at interim stages of design so that there are no surprises at tender.
  • We assign a team of professionals to each project from our organization including in-house engineers, estimators, construction managers, and foremen.
  • We provide feedback on design decisions to pre-emptively identify impacts on cost, schedule, and construction.
  • We leverage our existing industry relationship to get prompt and accurate pricing for budgets and options analysis.


“Our team of in-house engineers will bridge the gap between design and construction to deliver the best value without sacrificing performance. We’ll identify issues early, before they can affect cost or schedule, and will propose alternate solutions to best suit the project needs. More than anything, we’re here to support the overall project team and contribute to everyone’s success.”

Jamal Seede
Director, Major Pursuits

Within the realm of alternative delivery projects, our team of skilled engineers, estimators, project and construction managers, and foremen are well-versed in working closely with architects, general contractors, and other stakeholders to seamlessly integrate electrical and mechanical systems into the overall project vision. From concept to completion, we prioritize efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability, ensuring that our clients benefit from the latest technologies and energy-efficient solutions.

We specialize in delivering comprehensive design-assist for electrical, mechanical, data and communications, security, and various low voltage building systems. Our approach involves a meticulous interpretation of project requirements, fostering collaborative relationships with consultants, and leveraging our understanding of industry trends to keep the project on schedule and on budget. We offer targeted advice to ensure that the final electrical and/or mechanical designs not only meet but surpass the owner’s expectations.

Through early constructability reviews, we identify potential challenges, inefficiencies, and safety concerns, ultimately streamlining the installation process and reducing costly rework. Specific concerns that we address include ceiling sandwich coordination, in slab service sizing and routing, penetration management, and system integration. We can perform constructability reviews through examination of drawings and specifications and/or by assessing systems in a BIM model through either REVIT or Revizto.

Our dedicated team of in-house engineers and estimators excel in the art of optimizing project costs without compromising quality or functionality. By assessing electrical and mechanical systems and designs, we identify opportunities for efficiency improvements, cost reduction, and enhanced performance.

Calgary Cancer Centre

As the electrical trade for the Calgary Cancer Centre design build project, Canem played an integral role in design and planning from pursuit, to detailed design and contract documents, and through into construction. We worked closely with consultants, other trades, and the owner to complete this state-of-the art facility.