Dr. Anne Anderson High School


This 204,514 sq. ft., 2-storey school was designed & constructed with the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) model. Designed to achieve LEED Gold certification. Canem provided pre-construction design services as well as installing all electrical systems including but not limited to lighting, distribution & fire alarm. The high school was built to accommodate 1,800 students and will be able to handle an expansion to 2,400 students if required. The community centre includes a gym, fitness centre, 191-metre indoor track and public meeting rooms.

Careful planning and scheduling from the outset with pull planning and collaboration resulted in an organized and coordinated work plan. All major milestones and long lead delivery items were identified and just in time deliveries scheduled. Weekly updates to the pull plan, and daily coordination meetings made trades accountable to each other to get their work complete on time.

Our entire project team contributed with multiple pull plans; these were focused on specific areas but also took into account the big picture of the project. By participating in pull plans the entire team could work together to understand each partners road blocks to ensure that they worked through. As well by posting our pull plan schedule in the Big Room, it was available for review and discussion by all stakeholders on the project.

From day one, this was an exciting and interesting project. Using the benefits of the IPD process to build team relationships, improve communications, and increase productivity, the team was able to focus more attention on design quality, reducing errors and improving outcomes as a value added to the project. Throughout the validation and design phases, constant input and budgeting during the weekly meetings was critical to reaching the Final Target Cost. Changes to components or materials could be made quickly and efficiently to minimize time spent on re-design and responses from other parties.

Lean Design Award Winner (LCI – 2021) The school’s exterior – an insulated rainscreen – was augmented with solar panels (in addition to roof-mounted panels); to help achieve LEED Gold standards. In addition, triple pane windows were installed along with a high-efficiency boiler plant and chilled water plant, hydronic air handling equipment, high-efficiency LED lighting, and BMS controls.

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Edmonton Public School Board

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Integrated Project Delivery



Edmonton, Alberta