Cavendish Farms – Processing Plant


The new state-of-the-art plant, which replaces Cavendish Farms’ former facility, marks a substantial increase in production capacity in Lethbridge. With a $430 million investment, this vast facility spans an area equal to seven football fields and is poised to process an astounding 735 million pounds of potatoes annually.

The construction of this project was a massive undertaking, involving a total of 2 million person-hours of work provided by multiple contractors. At its peak, the construction site accommodated over 900 workers, underscoring the project’s immense scale. Overall, this project not only signifies a significant expansion in potato processing capacity but also showcases a substantial investment in infrastructure and resources to support the efficient and safe operation of the new plant.

Canem’s scope of work included: 15KV Incoming Services, Power Distribution, Lighting, Fire Alarm, Branch Power, Site Lighting, Grounding, and Rytek high-speed doors.

The project’s workforce was not limited to a single locality but drew in workers from across southern Alberta. This regional approach to labor allowed for a diverse and skilled workforce, contributing to the successful completion of the project. It also underlines the positive impact of the project on the broader community and economy, as it provided employment opportunities for individuals from various areas in southern Alberta.

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Irving Group - Cavendish Farms

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Construction Management


Lethbridge, Alberta