Toronto Western Hospital


The Noventa TWH Project is a comprehensive heating and cooling system upgrade at Toronto Western Hospital. It involves harnessing thermal energy from wastewater in the Toronto sewer to provide 90% of the campus’ heating and cooling, resulting in an annual reduction of 8,400 metric tonnes in greenhouse gas emissions. The project includes retrofitting the existing hospital system, constructing an Energy Transfer Station central utility plant, and building a 200 ft deep Wet Well for sewage collection and screening.

The new system, covering a 290,000 sq. ft. campus and connecting nine buildings, replaces the steam heating with a modern low-temperature heating system. Key components include a new hot water loop installation, replacement of Air Handling Unit coils, construction of a Central Utility Plant for water distribution, an Energy Transfer Station for heating and cooling generation, and a Wet Well for sewage screening and pumping.

Canem joined the project at the 30% design phase, contributing to engineering and feasibility reviews. The anticipated completion date is June 2024.

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Noventa Energy Partners & Toronto Western Hospital (UHN)

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Design Build



Toronto, Ontario