Warren Stein
VP & General Manager

Warren graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering. In 2009, he joined MRO and quickly became a valued member, showcasing his exceptional leadership skills within large, dynamic teams. His most recent role was as Vice President, Operations, where he played a pivotal role in enhancing operational excellence.

Throughout his tenure, Warren improved operational excellence through long-term contract renewals, expanded service offerings through organic growth with powerline and mechanical services. His efforts led to a notable increase in portfolio profitability.

Warren’s operational success has been supported by his ability to embrace and implement innovative tools to improve efficiency and drive value through reliable access to real-time operational data. This, coupled with his ability to create and drive a culture of accountability has resulted in multiple industry and client safety and excellence awards, including the prestigious General Presidents Maintenance Committee Canadian Safety Achievement Award for three consecutive years (2019, 2020, 2021) and the Suncor Excellence Award in 2021.

In 2021, Warren took on the role of Vice President and General Manager at Canem, bringing with him a wealth of successful leadership experience.