Institutional & Education

Calgary Central Library, Calgary, AB

We believe in vibrant and accessible community spaces that meet the needs of the public in responsible and imaginative ways. Our teams have delivered countless projects for communities to come together and connect, play, learn, and grow. The installations we provide perform as designed, are efficient, and utilize the latest technology. High-quality, healthy, and engaging education environments are crucial to the success of the next generation. Having successfully delivered many education facility projects across Canada, we know what it takes to create and deliver exceptional and inspiring environments on time and budget. Canem was proud to provide all electrical, voice/data communications, fire alarm, and security systems for the state-of-the-art, award-winning public library in the heart of downtown Calgary. Our team seamlessly incorporated the lighting into the design to complement and illuminate the elegant style of the building. Impeccably built, inspiringly designed, and one of the most actively used libraries in North America.

Calgary Library Project

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