Hospitality & Entertainment

Rogers Place, Edmonton, AB


Canem designed 60 custom graphical ticket readers for executive suites with dual technology and built-in HID card readers that were integrated into the access control system to grant suite access to the staff, and then the built-in barcode and QR code ticket scanner was integrated into Ticketmaster's ticketing system to validate patron access into the suites.

Canem’s cohesive approach to the design, installation, and operation of building systems offers real opportunities for system integration in a way that truly differentiates Canem. System integration and the implementation of measurement and control technology are fundamental to achieving a connected, inteligent, smart, and manageable building. Canem has decades of experience building large complex projects including high-rise hotels and professional entertainment arenas. We are focused on ensuring the right tools and technology are in place for our clients’ projects.

Rogers Place is a state-of-the-art multi-use indoor arena (NHL Hockey) and the related facilities to support the arena (community rink and winter garden area). Canem’s scope of work included electrical, security, and communications-related systems. Canem led a design-assist process to ensure that design development drawings were completed in a manner that would reduce RFIs, changes, and potential execution issues. Canem also completed BIM coordination to ensure the design model was progressing and coordinated between mechanical and electrical disciplines. LEAN construciton methods, our pre-fab facility, and offsite storage were all used to bring additional value to the project and ensure successful delivery. Canem continues to maintain the original Enterprise Class unified security system in an operational environment.


Calgary Library Project

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