River Landing Saskatoon, SK

Canem has a strong tradition of bringing new efficiencies to building systems and adapting to changing circumstances. As a multi-service company, Canem delivers on a wide range of client-responsive services, and for the past 60 years it has backed its offerings with consistent customer service and attention to quality. Canem initially earned its reputation in the electrical construction field with design-build solutions and superior project management. Today it’s equally well known for its communication expertise in network design, data centres, network installations and system management, and its maintenance and emergency response (which includes building management).

River Landing is a three-phase massive redevelopment project in downtown Saskatoon. This $300-million, mixed-use complex includes condominiums and two office buildings including the Nutrien Tower, a 18-storey, 93-metre office tower that will be the tallest building in Saskatchewan. The building will also feature 3.5 underground levels of parking. Canem is supplying the electrical, communication, and security systems in-house as well as the exterior lighting on the facade of the building.

Calgary Library Project

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