McCaine Electric -
Celebrating A Century In Canada

This year, 2018, McCaine turns 100 years old.
That’s right, a century. A century of success, expansion and delivering results for Canadian communities.
It’s been a long, rewarding journey and we’re looking forward to the next century.

Our History & Projects

We began as a family-owned enterprise, founded by Andy McCaine, who immigrated to Canada from Europe after the First World War. Our focus was on appliances and electric services at inception.

By the end of the Second World War, we employed more than 250 electricians working on post-war residential housing. From there, we became a major player in industrial and commercial work. Look no further than the University of Manitoba Tier Building and Winnipeg Technical Vocational High School and more recently the Winnipeg Police Headquarters, Investors Group Field and the Winnipeg Convention Center.

During the 1980s, McCaine began involvement in unique projects such as twenty six Distance Early Warning sites from Clear, Alaska to Baffin Island for the United States Air Force. Another example? The Charleswood Bridge Project, the first public-private partnership in Manitoba.

Our Team & Work

McCaine has always been a tight operation. We’ve only had three ownership groups since our founding, and we’ve always hired the most talented people in the field.

Our teams are well trained to provide ongoing support to meet our customer requests promptly and professionally.

All senior team members are Gold Seal Certified, underscoring our commitment to excellence in the construction industry.

Small wonder that McCaine is a leader in electrical services in Manitoba.

Constructions and renovations? Absolutely!

Structured cabling? Been doing that since the early 1990’s.

Predictive maintenance, including infrared scanning and ultrasonic testing? Since the early 2000’s.

Complete security integration? Yep, we’re excelling at that now, too.

Design Build experience? Sure thing!

All of this makes McCaine the full-service, one-stop electrical contractor to a large number of clients in the industrial, institutional and commercial markets.

Our New Home

After more than 90 years solo, we decided to connect with our Canadian partner Canem. In 2011, McCaine joined Canem, Western Canada’s largest electrical contractor.

Canem has nearly 60 years of experience in electrical contracting in Canada and they too stand for doing what’s right for the customer, making them a natural fit for our future growth and expansion in Canada.

Canem is known in the market for it’s innovation and partnering attitude towards it’s relationships.

We are sincerely grateful to our community, suppliers, clients and employees who have been on this 100 year long journey with us.

From now on, join us over on Canem’s website

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